• Keeping it Real

How to Keep it Real

As we have said before, one of the main goals of this resource is to foster and develop a True, Functioning Community for Christian Marriages. We want to help you all get the most bang-for-your-buck so to speak in this community, so here are some pointers to help you fully invest.

1 - Pick a Video Element Day

Each week there will be two opportunities for you to join other members of the community for the Video Element. Both Video Element times will have a Founding Couple or Stained Glass Team Member facilitating the video during the initial watch time. We want to encourage you to select one of these times to watch the video, log-in to whatever streaming platform you choose to watch on, and interact with the other people watching with you. We want to know who you are, where you are watching from, what you think is funny, what you think is challenging, and [most importantly] we want to interact with you during that Video Element time! The video times are:

Mondays at 11a CST on Youtube and Thursdays at 7p CST on Facebook.

2 - Read and Interact with the Written Element

In addition to the Video Element, there will always be a Written Element that goes along with the teaching in the Video. The Written Element will not be word-for-word what was said in the video, instead we will craft the Written Element by taking inspiration from the Video Element. Many people are visual learners and by reading through the Written Element we believe that all of us will gain a deeper understanding of the topic for that week of Keeping it Real. We hope each of you will read the Written Element each week, comment your thoughts, ask questions based on what you read, and check back throughout the week to take part in the conversation with others. The Written Element will be posted following the Monday premiere of the Video Element.

3 - Invite others to join the community!

Dale and Jena have spent over 20 years in marriage ministry and have consistently seen the need for dynamic community between married couples, that's why Keeping it Real is here in the first place! As you experience the power of community, the relevance of the teaching, and the gift of the conversations, we hope you will send personal messages, share the community on social media, and personally invite people you cross paths with daily to join us here at Keeping it Real. A member of the Stained Glass Team would be happy to assist you with ideas for sharing Keeping it Real with your circle of influence.

We hope and pray that The Lord is having great impact in your life and relationships through Keeping it Real!


Keeping it Real is a ministry of Stained Glass Ministries, a Marriage Ministry founded by Dale and Jena Forehand. To learn more about Stained Glass visit their website